Befehl Details Kosten
/set home Sets your home at the current location. 50 ZCoins
/home Teleports you to your home. 50 ZCoins
/gimmie list Displays a list of all gimmie groups, and number of items within them. 0 ZCoins
/location Displays your current location, in coordinates. 0 ZCoins
/cure research Starts researching your own cure. 1000 ZCoins
/cure release Releases your researched cure, killing all zombies in the area. The strength of the cure is based on the amount of time it was researched. 0 ZCoins

Displays a list of your CBSM friends - separate from in-game friends list.

The friend feature is used within other functions and commands.

 0 ZCoins
/friend add [name]

Adds the player to your CBSM Friends list.

They do not need to accept or friend you back, for them to gain the benefits of being your CBSM friend.

 0 ZCoins
/friend remove [name]  Removes the player from your CBSM Friends list.  0 ZCoins

/zgate create [name]

 Creates a zGate with the provided name at your current location.  50 ZCoins
/zgate visit [name]  Teleports you to the zGate that you specified. You must be the owner of the zGate, or it must be set to public.  50 ZCoins
/zgate toggle [name]

 Changes the privacy status of the zGate from Private to Public. And Public, back to Private.

Public zGates can be visited by anyone!

 0 ZCoins
/zgate delete [name]  Deletes the zGate. Can only be done by the zGate owner.
Server admin can also remove them from the CBSM.
 0 ZCoins
/inbox  Checks your CBSM inbox and displays all of your unread in-game mail  0 ZCoins
/inbox read [#] Reads the in-game mail as specified by the ID taken from /inbox  0 ZCoins
/send.[name].[message] Sends the specified player the provided message.
The target player does not need to be online
 0 ZCoins
/vote Displays your current number of Vote Points.  0 ZCoins
/vote info Displays information on how to vote.  0 ZCoins
/voters Displays a list of the top 10 voters of all time.  0 ZCoins
/vote rewards Displays a list of claimable rewards using your Voting Points.  0 ZCoins
/vote buy [#] Redeems the specified reward by ID, using your Vote Points balance.
When you claim a reward, it will appear at your feet. Press E to pick it up
 0 ZCoins
 /wallet  Displays your wallet balance.  0 ZCoins
 /money  Displays a list of the top 10 wealthiest players.  0 ZCoins
/pay [#] zCoins to [name] This will send the specified amount to the provided player. 0 ZCoins
/shop This will display a list of non-grouped items within the server shop. 0 ZCoins
/shop list This will display a list of grouped items within the server shop. 0 ZCoins
/buy This is used to purchase the item from the server shop.
The item is specified by ID, as found from the /shop command.
When you purchase an item, it will appear at your feet. Press E to pick it up
0 ZCoins